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PreMedNC was created to provide pre-medical students and their families with affordable advice on how to consider, plan, assemble, and submit excellent applications to medical school. 

Our advisors are all current medical school students. Thus, they are the most recent generation to be accepted into medical school and have the most up-to-date information.


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Our Approach

Individualized Consulting

We provide an individualized consulting experience predicated on your particular pre-medical interests and goals

Recent Experience

Our advisors are the most recent generation of accepted medical students who can help you understand current application trends,  processes, and considerations

Cost Effective

Our services are provided at a fraction of the cost of other major medical consulting services. 

Application Trends

Getting accepted into medical school becomes progressively more difficult each year. Our team is set up to bring you the most current application tips, tricks, and advice so you can achieve your goal of becoming a doctor.

North Carolina Focus

Our team of advisors have extended experience in applying, interviewing, and being accepted into North Carolina medical colleges. These schools include:

  • UNC Chapel Hill

  • Duke University

  • Wake Forest University

  • Campbell University

  • East Carolina University (Brody)

While our experience is applicable to all medical school applications, our mission is to provide helpful advice for you to create a competitive application to all North Carolina medical schools. 

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