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Our Mission

We strive to accurately and transparently advise pre medical students with the goal of establishing a more healthy and conducive application experience.

Why this service was created...

This team was created to pass on our knowledge and experience to help the next generation of medical students be accepted into medical colleges.  


Not so long ago we were in your shoes. 

Preparing personal statements, calculating extracurricular hours, looking up admission statistics at our dream medical college. We have experienced some of the same worries, frustrations, and late night writing sessions that you are going through. 

Applying to medical school takes years of preparation, devotion, and hard work in order to create an application that will help you achieve your dream. We understand this dedication, and we want to help you along the way. 

Our Focus

At PreMed NC, We incorporate a three pronged focus...

The PreMed Student

Our first priority is always the student. Whether you are a high school, college, or post-graduate student, we have the tools to assist you in your application process.

The PreMed Family

While the student will submit the application, we understand this is a team process that often includes multiple family  members. We have the tools and experience to assist the entire family unit during this process.

NC Medical Colleges

While our advise and experience is applicable to all medical colleges, we have direct experience in applying and being accepted into North Carolina medical colleges.

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